Accidents Happen: Edit

     “Mrs. Emily, I’m dooooone.”  

     After just being potty-trained, I say it loud and proud.  It is my signature phrase after using the bathroom.  I sit in confidence that the sound of Mrs. Emily’s footsteps will soon approach me.  I need her help.  Wiping is a tough job.  I am in the Master bedroom, at the end of the hall, to the left.  There are only two bathrooms in the house.  Only two possibilities of where my shrieking is coming from.  After checking the hallway bathroom, my usual spot, her footsteps continue.  The only other option is her bathroom.  After recent renovations, this bathroom has a shiny new toilet, so no surprise I want to use it, right?  Before Mrs. Emily could even get to the bathroom, she already finds me. In the middle of her bedroom floor, sitting high and mighty on my porcelain throne.  

     After just putting in a new toilet, the old toilet was left in the middle of the bedroom floor, an unfortunate decision with a toddler in the house.  No pipes, no possible connection to any water supply.  It was far from a functional toilet.  Mrs. Emily bursts into complete hysteria laughter.  Why are my bathroom habits so funny?  What in the world is she laughing at?  As I sit in confusion, still unaware of what I have done, Mrs. Emily proceeds with what I called her in for.  Still cackling through her breath.  We both walk back to the kitchen, however my final destination is different than hers.  As I sit back down to eat, she dutifully grabs a plastic spoon and heads back to her bedroom. Oops. 


Conclusion of Research Paper

The only thing that I have left to discuss about this paper is where I am going to get my research that is not my experimenting.  In addition to interviewing a vet, I plan on searching for scholarly articles that vets have written about cats with odd eyes.  I know that doctors with specialties tend to write journals about something they have found and researched while working, so hopefully I can found a vet that did the same.  In retrospect of how cats actually see the world, I have already quickly searched this idea and there are unlimited amounts of sources that I can use for an explanation of how they see the world based on the shape of their eye, their lens, and just how their DNA forms their vision. 

So this is what I have so far:

The house is quiet as I lay on the couch for an evening nap.  My cat is not that much of a cuddler, so his spot on the floor was not uncommon.  I close my eyes to force a sleep when I hear  the jingle of his collar bell.  I look in his direction, but he is not looking in mine.  He is looking at nothing.  Or what I think is nothing.  This is not a new thing for him to do, I am almost used to it by now.  When people ask about it, I tell them that he sees dead people.  They laugh and look away.  Only I am not kidding.  My cat is one of a kind, and my obsession with him is not the only thing that leads me to believe this.


Think about the word “cat.”  What is the first thing that comes into your mind?  Do you feel happy?  Do you think of your own cat?  Maybe your thoughts lead to those of hatred.  Some people aren’t cat people, I almost understand.  When I think of cats, I specifically think of my cat, Rambo; the best cat that ever lived.  He is a domestic tuxedo cat given to me by my friend whose cat had kittens.  Though he was born with crossed blue eyes, something that we were initially worried about, he now has one green eye and one brown eye.  If you google “cats with different color eyes,” there will be very few, if any cats pictured with two different colored eyes, in which one is not blue.  There will be especially even less photos of cats with different colored eyes that do not have white fur.

The cause of cats having different colored eyes has to do with the amount of melanin present in the eye.  Every cat is born with blue eyes, later developing into colors of green, brown, yellow, orange, and rarely blue.  It is a common belief that cats with different colored eyes are deaf, however it only seems to be about 30%.  Again being more common in white cats with odd eyes, having to do with the lack of melanin in the white coat.  

Further leading to my theory that my cat is the king of the cats, he proves all of the statistics wrong.  He has two different colored eyes, like many cats, however one is green and one is brown.  His quick response to the shaking of his treats proves that he is not deaf.  The only statistic following feature is that he is a tuxedo cat, something that is proven to promote odd eyes in cats.  When first being interested in this aspect of my cat, I realized the lack of cats with one green and one brown eye, creating a theory that my cat sees things that other cats do not. 

Final Idea

The post that I did yesterday is going to be very similar to this one because I knew what I was going to do my paper on from the get go.  I was not in class today so did not get a chance to tell everyone directly what my idea was, but I put it on my blog yesterday, so if you read that, you are already ahead of the game.  I really don’t care, no offense, if anyone has a problem with the idea I am going to do because I know it is going to be great.  Though Mrs. Sutcliffe was advising me not to start, I have actually already started this paper because it is going to be so easy for me to write.  I am so interested/ obsessed with cats, especially mine so writing this is going to be a breeze.

My first experiment is going to be if cat can see completely in the dark.  Apparently they have to have a small amount of light but I am going to challenge that.  My closet has no windows, and when it is dark outside, my closet is absolutely pitch black.  My cat is obsessed with pony tail holders, so my plan is to bring him in the closet with me and dangle a ponytail in the pitch black.  It will be very obvious if he sees it or not.  My next experiment is using the same ponytail and dangling it from a very far distant.  According to the movie Catwoman, cats have extreme zooms in the vision, it would be pretty hard to experiment with this, but the distance he can see the ponytail from is something I will take note on.

“Research Paper”

I do not need to list five topics because I am already 100% positive of what I am doing.  My question is “What does a cat see?”  Obviously I am not going to be able to interview my cat, but I am going to do a series of tests to figure out exactly what my cat sees.  I am convinced that my cat sees something extra because of his two different color eyes.  One of them being brown, the other green, something that is unheard of in the cat world.  Many time my cat will stare off into blank space when nothing is there.  This furthers me to believe that my cat is seeing something in another world, maybe even possibly supernatural things.  It is also said that cats can see in the dark and see at extreme distances.  These can be tested by getting in a pitch black room and seeing if my cat can see me dangling something.  The other one can be tested by doing the same thing but at a far distance.  I am going to actually enjoy writing this paper because I obviously love my cat and I feel that this will be on the easier side to write in opposition to a traditional research paper.

As of now, Mrs. Sutcliffe has told me that I need an alternative, so in the event that the cat idea does not go through, my other idea is a little difficult.  It would be the idea of what happens to trash when it hits the ground.  For this my idea was to actually track a piece of trash that I found on the ground.  Though I would not be able to follow it forever, but following it for a while would get the job done.  I would also read many articles from marine biologist and other people in that field that know much about what happens specifically when trash enters the ocean.  Another idea from this was to go to an estuary, where rivers meet the ocean and see if there is trash.  Or if it is good timing, maybe I can save a few animals that are stuck in some trash.

How to Tell a True Story

For telling the truth, I think that a writer is able take a few liberties if they are not able to remember everything fully.  If the event was not recently or the writer was not able to record it, I think that for dialogue the author can guess what the person said as long as they are getting the same idea across as what they would have said, or what they think they said.  However in the sense of dialogue, or really anything in writing Creative Nonfiction, completely making something up is not okay.  If you cannot remember something that is crucial to the story, maybe ask that person, or just don’t put it at all.  If it is that important, you would probably remember it.  For matters of setting, timing or character description, these need to be basically spot on, unless the author specifies in an authors note or such that they they have taken liberties or based aspects on real life.  

If the author is writing about something that had happened when he was not there, things can get a little more difficult.  However, it may be better for truth telling if you really have no idea where to start.  If you go somewhere where something has happened before, you can hear the stories through other people.  Getting input from different people can help you recreate a story without having to think of something yourself.  Now if the storytellers lie to you, not really sure whose fault that is.  If you want to say as close to the truth as possible, in this case you need to observe and ask around.  For any sort of memoir, don’t force yourself to remember it.  You will remember the important things that are worthy to be written about. 

The Broke Life of Me

All of my years throughout high school, I have watched seniors have the most fun of their lives.  Whether they are going to parties or more specifically concerts.  Now that I am a senior, my parents have really loosened the leash on me.  It is clear that they trust me more now and allow me to do more things for now I am more mature.  I feel like this year there is an overload of concerts and music festivals that I want to go to.  Though I will not be able to go to all of these, due to a money shortage, I will name them:  Hangout Fest, Miley Cyrus, Buku, Bonnaroo, Kanye and Bayou Country Superfest.  The ticket prices range from $75-$250 and for some of them, I am buying two.  I have only purchased tickets for Miley and Hangout, Miley was $100 and Hangout was a little over $200.  Though Hangout fest is my graduation present, Miley I bought with my own money.  Which hurts a lot.  Because it is not money that my parents gave me.  It is money that I earned from babysitting.  As much as I would love to keep the money, I HAVE to go see Miley.  And it is too late to turn back now.

I have enough money to buy the tickets.  The issue is, I do not have anymore money to buy the rest of the tickets.  I LITERALLY spent all of my money on Miley tickets.  My balance is currently zero dollars and zero cents.  My plan is to start doing chores or washing my parents cars or giving my mom foot massages for money.  It seems like I never have to buy something, but that one time that I need to have money, and I have none, I will end up being screwed.  Bottom line here, I need a job.   I need a job that where I do nothing and get paid.  Unfortunately, that job does not really exist.  So for now, I will need to start looking for a way to make money.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Authors Note

I find good reasoning in why the author put the Author’s note in the back, and I wish that I would not have read it before.  Now whenever I read the book, I will be constantly guessing the liberties he says that he takes.  I do not care that he takes these liberties, for it is his book, but  I wish I would not have found out.  I would much rather read the book with a clear mind thinking nothing before reading it so I can form my own opinion on it.  Reading it before is going to cause me to read the book with a bias and not being able to fully take in everything that happened.  I think that while writing this piece he  was not thinking exactly what genre the book was going to be, he was simply trying to tell a good story.  Why not make it better by adding in your own flares.  I think that his disclaimer seems to be the perfect amount of information for the reader to know that these plot points are all true, the characters are all based on real people, but the order in things happening may not be exact.  

Trash Interaction with Marine Mammals

     Though words such as “biodegradable” and “eco-friendly” convince people to believe their trash will slowly disappear, however any sort of trash that is dumped into the ocean has an effect on the animals within it, especially marine mammals.  Many balloon companies market their balloons as “biodegradable,” however when the balloons fall to the ground, they will not immediately disintegrate.  Any animal is capable of getting entangled in the balloon, or swallowing it.  In the spirit of many celebrations, balloons will be released into the air with no thoughts of where they end up.  In a recent San Francisco video game promotion, 10,000 balloons were released and many of them ended up in the San Francisco Bay.  Because more than 14 billion pounds of trash enter the ocean every year, this balloon release is nothing compared to the amount of waste the ocean endures, most of which are very slow degrading objects.  According to the US EPA plastics account for 90-95% of marine litter, creating mass amounts of pollution  Not only does this waste put marine life at risk, it also is noted to destroy coastal nurseries, where many species develop. 

Memoir Feedback

Most of the stuff that was discussed with my piece during the workshop were things that I definitely agreed with and errors that I knew I needed to fix.  I am writing a series of small memoirs, and as of now I only have three, so the major aspect of the workshop was that I needed more.  Something that I was well aware of.  I did not get negative feedback about the stories as a whole, it was all mostly grammar, word choice or grammatical errors.  I noticed many things when I was reading it aloud such as repetition of certain words, and misspellings.  As of now I am in the process of writing another piece for the series.  Right now I have three and I think the one I am working on will be my final one.  

Though the people I workshopped with liked all of my pieces, I know they  need some work and my major goal is for my writers voice to completely come through within the pieces.  Much of my editing has come from me sitting and closing my eyes, trying to remember as many things as I can, in case I left some things out the first go-around.  I hope to take the reader into my memory and have them be able to perfectly picture what was happening in the story.  I am narrating myself  as a kid and I want to make sure that the reader gets a sense of who I was as a kid, but also who I am now.

The Boulevard Writing

Since I have already read and given feedback about the pieces within the magazine, because I contributed as well, I am going to write about the writing experience. I wrote my piece about myself going camping, something obviously out of my comfort zone. It was the first immersion piece I had written so writing it was not the easiest time. I took a lot of notes while on the camping trip. Catching myself saying ridiculous “city girl” things and writing a sequential series of events. It was not as eventful as I thought it would be, so the writing process was not as easy as I expected. I was hoping for something weird, creepy or extreme happen in order to have a great piece, but none of those wishes came true.
When I first started writing I was super confused and really had no idea where to start. This was a piece where I really needed feedback in order to create a good piece of writing. My first draft was a very rough one where I basically took information and splatted it on the paper. I needed direction in order to move on. Once I got feedback from doing a workshop I knew the direction that everyone wanted the piece to go and the final draft came much quicker. Having people tell you what they want more or less of in your writing is the key to creating a good piece. I always come back to hating editing, but especially with a piece like the camping one, it is crucial.